Ready to make a bigger impact but overwhelmed by the course creation process?

I help expert coaches and service providers create transformational learning experiences.

Online Courses | Ebooks | Interactive Workbooks

You’re a busy, sought-after coach, thought leader, or service provider. Your audience can’t get enough of your expertise, your calendar is full, and you need a scalable way to serve more people and diversify your income streams.

You’ve built your authority coaching clients 1:1, teaching group workshops and masterminds, and delivering keynote addresses. Now it’s time to turn that knowledge into an evergreen product. 

But presenting live is different from teaching through a video or workbook.

How do you make sure learners are keeping up when you can’t see or talk to them?

How do you organize information in a logical way?

How do you find time to create all the content on top of everything you’re already doing?

You focus on what you do best. Leave the planning and production to me.

Meet the Teacher

My name is Jennifer (she/her) and I help smart, empathetic coaches and service providers share their knowledge and grow their revenue through learning design and information product creation.

I taught high school biology for three years before starting my business, which means I am great at several things:

  • explaining complex ideas in an organized and fun way
  • motivating and encouraging learners of many abilities and backgrounds
  • making worksheets
  • horrifying teenagers with the, uh, nuts and bolts of human reproduction (generally not relevant these days but an interesting skill nonetheless!)

I’ve been in the online business and marketing space since 2012, which means I can do all those things over the Internet with people I’ve never met before. I am also good at:

  • finding out what people really need and want
  • seeing through the hype and assessing how well different platforms and tech actually work
  • knowing the difference between selling and teaching (most course platforms do one WAY better than the other…ask me about it!)

I was at my wit’s end – I had a program I desperately wanted to create, but I’m not a teacher and had no idea how to distill decades of knowledge into a format that would be meaningful, useful and digestible by my audience. I’d tried with two other pros to get this done. Not until I met Jenn, did it come together.

She sorted through my mess of content, picked out what was relevant and then formatted it into a kickass structure. With her careful stewardship we moved systematically and quickly through the content and I’ve got my first course ready to launch.

Hiring Jenn to create the next 5 was a no-brainer for me. I’m convinced her extreme talent is going to make my business thrive and my plans a reality.

Amy Posner

Copywriter and creator of No-Sweat Sales Calls

Online Courses, Workbooks, and Other Information Products

I take materials from your live workshops, coaching sessions, or group programs and turn them into self-paced video courses, ebooks, interactive workbooks, or audiobooks that you can sell on your own platform and in course marketplaces.

How It Works

Step 1: Orientation

We go over your goals and available resources for creating your information product. I’ll write up a high-level overview that includes:

  • A specific learning objective for your information product
  • Suggested format, platform (if applicable), and spot in your offer ecosystem
  • Functional, emotional, and transformational benefits to the end user
  • Suggested production plan

Investment: $2,000

Step 2: Syllabus

I’ll review your existing course materials and student feedback, and conduct additional research as needed to produce a syllabus for your information product that includes:

  • Storyboard or outline that leads the learner to achieve the overall learning objective and forms the framework for the final lesson format (video, audio workbook, etc.)
  • Comprehension questions* (Who/What/When/Where) that help learners self-check their understanding before moving on to application
  • Application* (How/Why) questions that help learners achieve the results they’re looking for
  • Self-evaluation tool that shows what successful implementation looks like 

*These are typically integrated into some sort of reflection or practice exercise, which might look like a fillable worksheet, quiz questions in the course platform, or other assignment depending on the format.

Investment: Starts at $3,000

Step 3: Production

If you need help creating the actual course or workbook, I can write content for you, set up your course platform if applicable, and manage a team to produce video, interactive PDFs, or audio as needed.

Investment: Starts at $5,000

It was so valuable to have you organize all my source material into a concise, pedagogically-sound ebook course. Your enthusiasm for your clients sets you apart from others. I appreciate how clear your communication is, and how timely your deliverables are. Your attention to detail is also stellar. It makes my job much easier.

Cynthia Pong

Career strategist for BIWOCs

Getting Started


All projects start with an orientation. We’ll meet for an hour to discuss your goals and resources, you’ll send me your existing materials, and I’ll have your course overview and production plan for you in two weeks.

Submit an orientation interest form and you’ll hear from me within 2 business days.

Study Hall

If you just need to brainstorm or problem-solve, book a 1-hour study hall session with me to:

  • narrow down a topic for your course
  • go over the pros and cons of different formats or platforms
  • answer any other questions you have about creating an information product.

Includes recording and transcript delivered within 7 business days of meeting.

Associate Faculty

I’ve gotten where I am by knowing what I don’t know and connecting with other brainy people who can fill those gaps. Here are some experts I may consult during orientation or production. I can also collaborate with members of your team with relevant skills and expertise.

Kate Burgener (she/her)

Kate Burgener (she/her)

Department Chair of Interactive Document Design

Anna Hetzel (they/them)

Anna Hetzel (they/them)

Dean of Community Design & Facilitation

Christen Schneider (she/her)

Christen Schneider (she/her)

Director of Information Product Marketing

Joanne Machin (she/her)

Joanne Machin (she/her)

Provost of Editing & Client Care

I had a million things going on and never could’ve compiled my own professional workbook in such a short time – or so beautifully. The leader who had hired me to train her team using the workbook you designed saw it and said, “I should be paying you more.” I think that speaks volumes to how much more professional the workbook made me seem.

Ivy Nelson

Mindset coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a project take?

Orientation sessions are complete within 2 weeks. Syllabi are usually done within 3-4 weeks, while full production projects generally take at least two months, depending on scope and team availability.

When can we get started?

I’m a parent and partner first, so I limit my work time to fit the needs of my family. I take a maximum of two orientations  and three study halls per month. I typically only have one project in full production at a time to ensure that each client gets my full attention. The quickest way to get on my calendar is to register for an orientation.

Do I own the course or workbook you create for me?

Yes! Here are the terms for that:

Upon receipt of payment in full, Jennifer Duann Fultz will irrevocably assign to the Client all right, title, and interest worldwide in and to the Work Product and all applicable intellectual property rights related to the Work Product, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and licensing rights (the “Proprietary Rights”).

A byline or acknowledgement of some sort (co-author, editor, etc.) is greatly appreciated but not required. (I like referrals even better!)

Do I owe you royalties from information product sales?

Nope! The product is yours to do with as you wish, but I am not responsible for marketing the product or the results of any changes you make to the content after our engagement is complete.

Can you help me with my sales funnel for a course or workbook?

I understand the architecture and tools behind marketing funnels but am not nearly as jazzed about selling as I am about teaching. I’m happy to refer you to experienced marketing experts with enthusiasm for creating information product marketing funnels.